Artist's Biography

Ava Eleven (AVA 11)

Her work manifests from her strong intuition and the emotional energy she feels all around her. She has an emotional sixth sense that is undefinable and guides her in a daily life.

Ava Eleven is an artist who follows her gut, deriving concepts while creating based on personal and observed societal experiences. Her soul shows her the way to create without the conscience mind. The passion of portraying the EMOTION to the viewer is Ava's addiction. Her acquired conceptual resources remain as an extracted personal experience.

The human body is her all time source of inspiration. This Godly creation cannot be replicated no matter how precise Artificial Intelligence attempts to mirror, yet society continues to strive to mimic human emotion, while erasing feeling. Her goal is to bring back feeling and emotion to the viewer. An attempt to preserve "feeling" again and combat the epidemic of a numb soul. It is a numb soul that personal and societal issues evolve. She will 'flip a switch' within her viewers so that they can feel again. An undeniable emotion that cannot be pushed beneath the surface. If we do not feel, we are no longer the true definition of 'human' but merely a mutated species incapable of living in the now. Her work is an attempt to pause the human emotional mutation. It is not simply a 'face value' creation, but soulful depth.

The method to which she revives these maddening emotions is a mixed media approach. She combine all forms of artistic rendering into one work. She pulls from my plethora of experiences with the primary being the female form and fashion. She creates a photograph, setting the scene for a real life capture to the smallest detail. She has no standard art academia rules in my creations, combining digital methods with raw historical pigments/mediums.  She lives to break the mould and follow her heart. Ava has been formally trained with a M.F.A from The Savannah College of Art & Design, majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Art History. While there, she was able to train with an elite group of professors and art industry icons. She has combined a true life's experience in and outside of the art world to form Ava Eleven.